Start a new tradition this Thanksgiving. After the football game gather the little ones and play some Thanksgiving Bingo!

Included with your purchase of Smart Bingo Cards is a word list that you can use to create bingo cards to play Thanksgiving Bingo.

Included Word List for Thanksgiving Bingo!

The word lists that are included with Smart Bingo Cards are fully customizable by you!

turkey mashed potatoes Pilgrims Native Americans Mayflower
pumpkin pie Thanksgiving feast corn cranberry sauce
Plymouth Rock stuffing Thursday Football gravy
gratitude cornucopia Fall maize November
harvest colony celebration 1621 sweet potatoes

Sample Card for Thanksgiving Bingo

cranberry sauce Plymouth Rock Thursday November Pilgrims
Mayflower Football Fall 1621 stuffing
cornucopia colony FREE SPACE! corn harvest
celebration mashed potatoes pumpkin pie Native Americans gratitude
Thanksgiving maize sweet potatoes gravy feast

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