Have fun learning about July 4th traditions by playing July 4th Bingo!

Included with your purchase of Smart Bingo Cards is a word list that you can use to create bingo cards to play July 4th Bingo.

Included Word List for July 4th Bingo!

The word lists that are included with Smart Bingo Cards are fully customizable by you!

July 4th Summer Fireworks Sparklers Family
Picnic Park Yankee Doodle Red White
Blue Uncle Sam Hot Dogs Stars Stripes
USA Holiday Philadelphia Independence Day Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson John Adams Patriot The Star-Spangle Banner God Bless America
This Land is Your Land

Sample Card for July 4th Bingo

Independence Day God Bless America July 4th Sparklers This Land is Your Land
The Star-Spangle Banner Patriot Summer Uncle Sam Stripes
USA Family FREE SPACE! Blue Declaration of Independence
Stars Philadelphia Thomas Jefferson Picnic Holiday
John Adams Park Hot Dogs White Yankee Doodle

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