Have fun this holiday season by playing Hanukkah Bingo with your students, friends, or family!

Included with your purchase of Smart Bingo Cards is a word list that you can use to create bingo cards to play Hanukkah Bingo.

Included Word List for Hanukkah Bingo!

The word lists that are included with Smart Bingo Cards are fully customizable by you!

Hanukkah Candles Oil Temple Festival
Latke Holiday Lights Dreidel Jewish
Gifts Gold Menorah Tradition December
Prayers Star Eight Miracle Family
Friends Maccabees Festival of Lights Gelt Blessing

Sample Card for Hanukkah Bingo

Menorah December Star Festival Gifts
Gold Latke Eight Torah Family
Festival of Lights Candles FREE SPACE! Dreidel Tradition
Prayers Gelt Holiday Friends Hanukkah
Oil Temple Blessing Maccabees Miracle

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